Our History

60 years of problem solving

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Growth and Expansion Era Vibro-Acoustics Acquires BVA Manufacturing, LTD.

Vibro-Acoustics expanded through a network of licensees. More engineers could benefit with fit-the-system, optimized (space, energy, cost) noise control solutions by using our application engineering lay-in service. To support growth and manufacture close to project sites for better communication, project management and lower costs, they acquired BVA Manufacturing, Ltd.


End-Result Guarantee. Through the lay-in service, we were able to provide the end-result guarantee. Our Noise control solutions were guaranteed that they would work, as designed, in the built environment.

Improved Acoustic Lab. A more flexible acoustic-aerodynamic lab was built to permit the testing of a much wider range of products and systems.



Technical Leadership and Flexibility Era

New acoustic-aerodynamic test lab


NVLAP Accreditation. Our lab was upgraded for NVLAP accreditation. Learn about our testing facility.

Late 90s

New President

Frank Guenther retires and Brian Guenther becomes President of Vibro-Acoustics.


Vibro-Acoustics Thrives. A Nevada manufacturing facility was added to support a growing sales rep network and market need for noise control.

v-a factory


Expansion and Innovation Era

Vibro-Acoustics Creates a Vibration Isolation and Restraint Systems Division. With technical knowledge and years of experience, Vibro-Acoustics begins developing labor saving solutions for engineers and contractors.

2010s to Today

Superior Customer Service and Greater Buildings Era

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Vibro-Acoustics Acquired by Swegon Group

Latour Group acquires Vibro-Acoustics through Swegon Group. Swegon Group is a market leader in ventilation and indoor climate systems. Vibro-Acoustics leadership, innovations and application engineering services were a natural fit for their portfolio. Through Vibro-Acoustics, Swegon expands to North America.


New President

After 30 years with Vibro-Acoustics, Brian Guenther retires. Jeff Bayley becomes President of Vibro-Acoustics and Swegon North America.


Vibro-Acoustics continues to provide exceptional service and solutions through our Lay-in Service. Our Lay-in Service continues