We are in it together, for a greater cause.

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Swegon North America is anchored by a multi-disciplinary team of engaged, committed and skilled individuals dedicated to our mission of engineering best in class solutions. With our shared values—customer empathy, trust and commitment—we engineer and build in an environment that facilitates the implementation of leading-edge products and outstanding results for our clients.

Jeff Woods, Gold Associate – L540

“Exciting and fun place to work! They really encourage the work hard play hard approach! Big things are coming this way!”

Alexandra Marinescu Sales Analyst/ Expeditor

“I worked here for quite a few years and have witnessed the company grow from a family business to a global organization. My role has changed a few times over the years, so have my managers – I loved this flexibility and welcome any opportunity, as it makes me feel connected and involved. Vibro is a fast-paced work environment sometimes and is still a growing company, but that means more opportunities. I always enjoyed working here, it’s a multicultural place, highly inclusive and having flexible work hours allows me to not sacrifice my family for my work or vice-versa.”

Dawn Snedden HR Specialist

“What I love about working at Swegon North America is that you are guaranteed to be greeted with a smile and a ‘good morning’ by everyone within the business, and our product knowledge experts will always make time to answer questions for newer employees, sharing their years of experience and knowledge. The corporate culture here is one of transformation and growth, empowering employees in their positions, and our employee lounge, O2, is a great space where our employees can unwind, whether over a friendly game of Ping Pong, socializing with colleagues, reading a book, or catching up on the latest employee news, or world events.”

Richard Zhang Application Engineering – Noise Control

“Markham is the headquarter of the company. It is a goldmine of knowledge. If you keep digging, you will learn something new, every day. Employees are from diversified cultures. I have co-workers from Sudan, Syria, Morocco, India, Pakistan, China, Romania, and of course Sweden. You will not feel you are a stranger no matter what your background is. It is a customer-oriented company and we mean it. If you are a person who can work around customers’ schedules and expectations, not the other way around, it is a company for and you are the one for this company.”

Daniel Coronado Mechanical Designer – Noise Control

“I started working for this company in 2001. The plant at that time was in La Verne, TN and was much smaller than it is now. I started working as a helper on Copper Table, and I have worked in all of the assembly positions as Shear, Brake and Operator. I started working as a Lead in 2010 and worked my way up to shop foreman. Now I work in a position I never thought I would be working in as an Engineering Designer. This company will give you the tools you need to succeed. I’ve seen so much improvement through all the years that I’ve been working for this company, and I will continue to work for this company for as long as I can.”

Christina DiLallo VP – VIRS

“I look forward to coming to work every day and working with brilliant minds. I love the passion and energy employees have about attributing to great buildings. Most importantly, I love being a part of positive change both in the company and in the industry.”

Fernando Freitas Designer – Indoor Climate Systems

“I’ve been working at Swegon since 2015. I have a manager that lets me develop my skills in a way that works for myself and the company. Every day flies by in this busy and active work environment. There is never one day where I am staring at the clock counting the hours waiting for the day to be over. If you’re willing to put in the effort and are genuinely engaged in your work management will take notice.”

Vivek Choudhary Technical Sales Engineer – Noise Control

“Great place to work in terms of the working environment, internal career growth opportunities within the 3 business units, technical advancement, experienced mentors, growing company in HVAC industry and on-site product knowledge from the plant. Many perks like flexible working hours, free cafeteria, paid vacations, medical/dental coverage, monthly lunch and training etc. for all employees despite the title/position. Now being a part of a big global brand – SWEGON and being in the industry for around 60 years, every company feels comfortable commercially and as a brand in the market.”

Marjorie Bradshaw Reno Plant Manager

“Great place to work with plenty of opportunities to promote within the company” I started on the shop floor as an assembler and had the opportunity to learn new positions from Brake Operator, Shear operator, and Welding. From there I had the opportunity to move to a Lead position, Foreman, and then Supervisor. I am now the plant manager of our Reno plant!”

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